Sunday, March 25, 2012

Romance Cover Model Shoot With Angela Pagliarulo by John Quinlan

I would just like to personally thank model Angela Pagliarulo for a great model shoot with me this past Friday. Angela was very nice, professional and easy to work with. For those of you who knew about this shoot, it was done for romance novel book covers so it will take a little bit of time to get back the images and sort through them and pick out the right ones and have my PR guy get them watermarked for purchase. Hopefully there will be some good ones :) But the main thing is that the photos are finally done! I would also like to thank photographer Sandra Kimball, an amazing photographer and such a wonderful person as well. My guy, The Big Dog, uploaded a video of outtakes from that photo shoot to YouTube this morning. I always try and have a sense of humor in all the model projects I do and this one was no different.....had a great time so a great big thanks again to Angela and Sandra! Much Love!

God Bless

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