Saturday, August 17, 2013

Special Thank You to Romance Author Kayelle Allen by John Quinlan

I received this message today from Kayelle Allen and I am truly honored. Here is what she said to me:

I created a new today and I'm calling it D I K Y. It stands for Do I Know You? And features celebrities I follow on Twitter. This is the test copy -- first edition. I have it set to follow anyone in my twitter list "celebs" as well as tweets by my favorites from the list. You are the first one on the list. It will pick up tweets by you with links in them. I'm also featuring actors like Luke Goss, and accounts like Entertainment Weekly (EW) and AMC Theatres. I also included Depressed Darth, a comedian who uses a Darth Vader facade to make funny comments. He's consistently funny, and posts links to unusual sci-fi and other sites. I hope my readers will like him. You won't be able to RT today's edition. I wanted to run one copy blind before I released it to Twitter. Starting tomorrow, it will go out automatically.

Thought you would like to know you'll be one of the featured guests, and see this first edition.

Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, award-winning Science Fiction Romance author, owner of the Romance Lives Forever blog, and the founder of Marketing for Romance Writers. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary characters, futuristic immortals, and warriors who purr.

This newsletter is a presentation of celebrities whom I follow on Twitter. It presents their tweets in a way that makes it easier to keep up with their news. This is not a "Who's Who" but a listing of my personal favorites, and features their tweets as well. In addition, it follows the tweets of Entertainment Weekly, AMC Movie News, BBC Entertainment, and other entertainment news sources.

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