Monday, May 13, 2013

It was my pleasure to act as Romance Writer Sara Humphreys bodyguard at the 30th Annual RT Convention in Kansas City, MO. by John Quinlan

My friend and romance writer Sara Humphreys is going to be on the Today show this morning! I am so proud of Sara as she interviewed me last week at the 2013 30th Annual RT Convention in Kansas City, MO.  On the video I told everybody a fact….Sara is one of the world’s greatest romance writers and being on the Today Show which is National just proves what a mega talent she is. It was a real honor being interviewed by this amazing woman, writer and friend.  Make sure you tune into the Today show this morning to watch Sara and click the link below to watch my interview with Sara on YouTube at the convention. Please comment on the video and show this great lady, Sara Humphreys some much deserved love and support. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

PS, In the photo it was my pleasure to act as Sara's bodyguard at the convention, LOL!!!!!

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