Friday, November 8, 2013

As a Romance Cover Model I Take People for Who They Are Not What They Are

I am a heterosexual guy that is a romance cover model. A little while back author Nya Rawlyns used my image as part of a promo for her book, ‘Skin’ which is an adult fiction M M (male male) Romance book. Many have asked me about how I feel about this and I thought I would give my answer to all of the authors and writers around the world and all of you right now. Yes, I am a heterosexual guy with 3 beautiful children. I have friends of all different kinds and I have never discriminated against any of them. I take people for who they are not what they are and I never “judge a book by its cover” as they say. Whether one is black, white, gay or straight it makes no difference to me. I am friends with gay men and women and they are all good people. So to answer this question that has been asked of me so many times the answer it “No”. I don’t have a problem if an author requests to use my image in this genre. It is fiction, it is not real and to me it is not a big deal. So there you have it. 

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