Thursday, February 21, 2013

John Quinlan - 2012 & 2013 Athletic Xtreme Official Sponsored Athlete Video Bio

Published on Feb 20, 2013
It is an honor to be a member of the Athletic Xtreme Supplement Co. family as an Official Sponsored Athlete for 2012 - 2013. Thanks to AX team member Brandon Hahn for contacting me about the TEAM AX video Bio's that are being put together. It was my pleasure Brandon to speak briefly and tell everybody a little bit more about me as you requested in this brief video. Keep up the great work and God Bless You & TEAM AX Always. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank You Romance Writer Taabia Dupree for Making Me Your Your Cover Model Bad Guy of Your New Book 'Jessica's Obsession' by John Quinlan


I would like to thank writer Taabia Dupree for using me on the cover of her new kindle edition book, ‘Jessica’s Obsession’ which was released yesterday. I was just told its #2 under Amazon's Hot New Releases in ‘Body Art & Tattoo’ right behind Kat Von Dee’s book, ‘Go Big or Go Home: Taking Risks in Life, Love and Tattooing’ which is #1. Being right there with Kat Von Dee is very cool! It is also currently #28 on Amazon’s Best Sellers ‘Body Art & Tattoo’ and #57 on the Hot New Releases for Psychological Thrillers!!

I am always honored when any writer/author selects me for one of his/her covers. I am pleased to say I have more covers coming out so I thank God above for giving me these opportunities. I have met so many amazing people in the romance writing world and I thank all of you for believing in me. I will always do my best for you. I usually don’t tag many people in posts but I think this is really cool and will throw some tags on some special people at this time including my AX family as they fuel me to keep going, be strong and stay focused. I would like to think I bring some diversity to the Athletic Xtreme family.

God Bless


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Forever Ink Tattoo of Blackstone Valley Crew Appreciation by John Quinlan

I would like to personally thank owner John Benedict Sr., tattoo artist Derek “Goofy” Seaquist and the entire crew at Forever Ink Tattoo studio of Blackstone Valley, Massachusetts. John Benedict Sr., the feeling of 100% for each other is mutual my friend. I was humbled by all the kind words you and your staff had for me. The love and support was amazing! John, you thanked me with these words:

“We at Forever Ink want to thank Mr. John Quinlan for coming in. He’s the most male tattooed romance cover model in the world today. He came into our shop and we want to thank you John for coming in. We appreciate it.”

“Here at Forever Ink, 3 Main St. Blackstone, MA. We’d just like to thank our friend John Quinlan. He’s a male tattooed cover model, romance cover model. He’s the most tattooed male cover model for coming in today getting some touch up work done.” 
John, the honor was mine to be there with such amazing people as you and to have work done by one of the best tattoo artists on the planet, Derek “Goofy” Seaquist. To you and everybody at Forever Ink, John Quinlan is your friend 4-Life!

 God Bless Always

Check out Forever Ink @

Friday, February 8, 2013

Special Thanks to Marketing for Romance by John Quinlan

A very special thanks goes out to 'Marketing for Romance Writers'  

For the creating the 'John Quinlan, Romance Cover Model' Pinterest board. I am honored that this great organization thought about me and did this. Very nice! Here is the board description:

A Board devoted entirely to one of the top cover models in the romance industry, John Quinlan. *Authors are invited to pin their book covers featuring John Quinlan HERE. Pins should be directly pinned from author's site or re-pinned from author's account. No Nudity.

God Bless the entire staff at 
My good friend, the very talented romance writer/author, Denyse Bridger  for all her kindness and support she has shown me :)


Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank You Clinton Bullock for the Upcoming Uncaged Interview by John Quinlan

I just found out this past week I will be interviewed by Yahoo Sports writer Clinton Bullock in the Spring, awesome! Here is what Clinton sent me via Twitter:

Just working out the details to my new MMA web show, "Uncaged." You're an inspiration to many. Can't wait to interview you!

Very cool Clinton, thank you so much! The feeling is mutual, 100% respect for you always :) Of all the things I have modeled, one of my favorite themes are boxing/MMA. Amazing athletes who inspire me to do my best.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Romance Writer Eden Connor You Have Made Saturday Morning's Sweet by John Quinlan

Thanks Eden for another awesome Saturday post with me! It is becoming my Saturday morning ritual to check in with you and see what new stuff we have going on :) Love it! Thanks Eden for all the love and support, right back at ya always :)