Sunday, September 30, 2012

Special Thanks to The Amazing Claudia Reid by John Quinlan

It was a real pleasure for me to read the article written about me by the great Claudia Reid, radio personality and writer in New York. Being selected and named an Official Sponsored Athlete for the supplement company 'Athletic Xtreme' of Tempe, Arizona was truly an honor for me. I appreciate the kind words you wrote about me so much! It is nice to see such great people like yourself Claudia doing such wonderful things for others to let the world know about their accomplishments. Much Love & Respect always :)


Saturday, September 29, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: I Was Just Informed I Have Been Signed as an Athletic Xtreme Sponsored Athlete by John Quinlan

I just got word that I have been signed by 'Athletic Xtreme' Supplement Company as a sponsored athlete. I am honored to be part of such an amazing company. I would like to personally thank Joe Zimecki and Danny Fukuya. More on this to come as it is very early :) God Bless 


No Limits Brand Shoot by John Quinlan

I was just sent this image this morning from one of the model shoots I had this past Summer. In No Limits brand and NO the briefs aren't stuffed in the front it is just the angle of the shot that makes me look "bigger"....ha ha ha! Thanks again to Suzanne Carner of No Limits for making me the Image model of the year 2012 for the company. Everybody have a great weekend :) God Bless

Friday, September 28, 2012

Nominated In Lucy Monroe's Contest, Thanks! by John Quinlan

A couple days ago I was notified that I was nominated in Lucy Monroe's Reader Retreat cover model contest. I was told there were hundreds of readers and authors who put names of romance cover models in who they thought were "worthy" and I was in there so I want to personally thank all the good people who picked me! I am truly humbled and honored just to be nominated never mind winning such a big contest! Below are the 2 model shots I submitted, I will say a Hail Mary and see if I make the grade. Much Love :)


2012 NPC USA Recap by John Quinlan

Just wanted to recap the 2012 NPC Men's Physique Nationals. Great show, mega talented competitors. I am honored to have just qualified for this event in Las Vegas. Had a ton of video clips filmed just because, ha ha ha! Thanks to Ms. Chopps for uploading and tagging all this, luv ya! Just more video footage to show the kids and grand kids when I am old and in a damn wheelchair, LMFAO! Now that I look back on it I think there was too much stuff filmed but at this point I could really care less, ha ha ha! Great experience I will take with me to my grave. Much respect for everybody involved, peace, OUT!

PS, I hope these URL's are correct as she emailed them to me and I never watch this stuff once it's done, at least not all of the damn things, lol :)



2012 NPC Masters Recap by John Quinlan

To answer the question so many have asked me....."do you think your tattoos hurt you more that help you?" I have always been unique and I like to be different in my own way so if in fact they did hurt me in competition my answer is, "oh well." There are far greater problems in this world than "nit-picking" over body art. Bottom line is I LIKE WHO I AM AND I AM PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT, nuff said. Competing in the Men's Physique 35 and over class brought out some amazing talent. Here are a few video clips from Universe weekend, all kind of the same. PS, I am not a video guy so the vids that were filmed by me and not somebody else might be a bit off but I have admitted that I am not good at it so I am vindicated, ha ha ha! Again, just did these to do them to show my grand kids when I am like 90 years old, lol!!!!!


God Bless

2012 NPC Universe Weekend Recap by John Quinlan

Yes, there was a few vids from the 2012 NPC Universe weekend. Competing in the Men's Physique division was an honor, great talent! Here are some links, after photo shoots and before the contests. There are a bunch but who the hell cares, ha ha ha, it only happens once so if I just ramble on I really didn't care when I was doing them...just did them to do them if that makes sense :)



Recap of my 2012 NPC Rhode Island Men's Physique Weekend by John Quinlan

Here are a few videos added to YouTube by the "Chop Master" girl, much appreciated by the way, lol! 4 videos from early June. I was lucky enough to also place 1st this weekend....June 9th weekend. The first clip was during a photo shoot:

The 2nd clip was after the pre judging and I was a bit dehydrated and "tired" so I laughed when I saw this because YES...I do repeat myself, sorry :)
The best thing about this next clip is my boy Mike's commentary, ha ha ha! Classic!!!!! It is the night before I won the NPC Rhode Island Men's Physique 5'10" and under class. Felt good here:
Now this last video clip is the final square off with Anton Antipov. Just for the record the lighting in this video is murdering my abs....I had abs and this video does my no justice. Scroll down to the bottom of this post as all the photos below are taken right before and after the contest. With that being said, Antipov is the man. Great model, no shame in finishing runner-up to this guy. I became great friends with him and I respect him for all his hard work and dedication so congrats again man on earning that IFBB Pro Men's Physique card, you deserve it. PS, don't mind her sense of humor with the cheesy club techno music playing to this video clip, yeah....very funny :) And yes, when I shoved Antipov on stage I secretly hoped he would fall over, ha ha ha!!!!!



Couple More Images Added to The Sites by John Quinlan

My PR guy Patric will be updating the sites soon. He has been away and I have been dealing with some personal issues but we will be back soon. Here are a couple images I just wanted to add. The first is a recent stock image added to the images available to use as a book cover and the dark image is just a model shot from a few weeks ago. Gonna add a few more posts to get a bit more caught up. Much love & God Bless y'all :)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Wanted To Update Everybody by John Quinlan

I just wanted to give everybody a quick update. I apologize as I have been tied up with personal issues as of late so my posts in here have been few and far between this past week or so. I will be back on track soon for sure. I have a few brand new stock images coming images in the white suit coat (the whole 9 yards, stethoscope and all) if any writer/author is looking for that theme for his/her next book cover please let me know. Also, I will be on another cover soon for the upcoming novel by the very talented Taabia Dupree, 'Jessica's Obsession'. I look forward to hearing from all of you and I will keep you posted on all the news as it comes in. Thank you so much and of course, Much love :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thanks to Ms. Chopps & Company for The Video Adds of Me by John Quinlan

A few people are starting to add some new videos of me to YouTube and here are a couple of them. Every couple of days or so I will try and get on here to add links to a few more until I have covered them all. Much appreciated. These 2 video clips are from this past Summer which were both filmed shortly before the 2012 NPC Atlantic States Men's Physique contest in New York. Thanks so much.

God Bless