Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 NPC Masters Recap by John Quinlan

To answer the question so many have asked me....."do you think your tattoos hurt you more that help you?" I have always been unique and I like to be different in my own way so if in fact they did hurt me in competition my answer is, "oh well." There are far greater problems in this world than "nit-picking" over body art. Bottom line is I LIKE WHO I AM AND I AM PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT, nuff said. Competing in the Men's Physique 35 and over class brought out some amazing talent. Here are a few video clips from Universe weekend, all kind of the same. PS, I am not a video guy so the vids that were filmed by me and not somebody else might be a bit off but I have admitted that I am not good at it so I am vindicated, ha ha ha! Again, just did these to do them to show my grand kids when I am like 90 years old, lol!!!!!


God Bless

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