Friday, February 15, 2013

Forever Ink Tattoo of Blackstone Valley Crew Appreciation by John Quinlan

I would like to personally thank owner John Benedict Sr., tattoo artist Derek “Goofy” Seaquist and the entire crew at Forever Ink Tattoo studio of Blackstone Valley, Massachusetts. John Benedict Sr., the feeling of 100% for each other is mutual my friend. I was humbled by all the kind words you and your staff had for me. The love and support was amazing! John, you thanked me with these words:

“We at Forever Ink want to thank Mr. John Quinlan for coming in. He’s the most male tattooed romance cover model in the world today. He came into our shop and we want to thank you John for coming in. We appreciate it.”

“Here at Forever Ink, 3 Main St. Blackstone, MA. We’d just like to thank our friend John Quinlan. He’s a male tattooed cover model, romance cover model. He’s the most tattooed male cover model for coming in today getting some touch up work done.” 
John, the honor was mine to be there with such amazing people as you and to have work done by one of the best tattoo artists on the planet, Derek “Goofy” Seaquist. To you and everybody at Forever Ink, John Quinlan is your friend 4-Life!

 God Bless Always

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