Monday, July 9, 2012

A Few Images From The 2012 NPC Team Universe Weekend on Stage & Outside by John Quinlan

Thanks for the photos buddy from the 2012 NPC Team Universe Men's Physique Class B, I gave it my best. Class B had some of the best Physique's....these guys are all warriors and I have 100% respect for each and every one of my fellow competitors. I had the honor of meeting Bev Francis at the Team Universe as well, what a very nice lady! Her husband Steve Weinberger was a very classy guy as well, I thank both of them for being so kind to me. And of course I have to give credit where credit is due to the Biggest Dog, Big Mike Feulner. Mike, you will always be the man and thanks for the kind words you had for me. I respect everything you do my friend! Great job at these shows, I would do them until I was 100 years old if I could. For all the love & respect I have for this industry and all the people in it. The thrill of competing knowing you would be there running the show would keep me coming back bro. Thanks Again!  

God Bless

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