Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 NPC USA Recap by John Quinlan

Just wanted to recap the 2012 NPC Men's Physique Nationals. Great show, mega talented competitors. I am honored to have just qualified for this event in Las Vegas. Had a ton of video clips filmed just because, ha ha ha! Thanks to Ms. Chopps for uploading and tagging all this, luv ya! Just more video footage to show the kids and grand kids when I am old and in a damn wheelchair, LMFAO! Now that I look back on it I think there was too much stuff filmed but at this point I could really care less, ha ha ha! Great experience I will take with me to my grave. Much respect for everybody involved, peace, OUT!

PS, I hope these URL's are correct as she emailed them to me and I never watch this stuff once it's done, at least not all of the damn things, lol :)



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