Friday, September 28, 2012

Recap of my 2012 NPC Rhode Island Men's Physique Weekend by John Quinlan

Here are a few videos added to YouTube by the "Chop Master" girl, much appreciated by the way, lol! 4 videos from early June. I was lucky enough to also place 1st this weekend....June 9th weekend. The first clip was during a photo shoot:

The 2nd clip was after the pre judging and I was a bit dehydrated and "tired" so I laughed when I saw this because YES...I do repeat myself, sorry :)
The best thing about this next clip is my boy Mike's commentary, ha ha ha! Classic!!!!! It is the night before I won the NPC Rhode Island Men's Physique 5'10" and under class. Felt good here:
Now this last video clip is the final square off with Anton Antipov. Just for the record the lighting in this video is murdering my abs....I had abs and this video does my no justice. Scroll down to the bottom of this post as all the photos below are taken right before and after the contest. With that being said, Antipov is the man. Great model, no shame in finishing runner-up to this guy. I became great friends with him and I respect him for all his hard work and dedication so congrats again man on earning that IFBB Pro Men's Physique card, you deserve it. PS, don't mind her sense of humor with the cheesy club techno music playing to this video clip, yeah....very funny :) And yes, when I shoved Antipov on stage I secretly hoped he would fall over, ha ha ha!!!!!



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