Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Honored to be part of the PR Team for the movie, ‘Hedda’ (Hedda Gabler) – 2012 by John Quinlan

It is an honor to be part of the PR Team for the movie, ‘Hedda’ (Hedda Gabler) – 2012 film adaptation of the classic Ibsen stage play.

‘Hedda’ is a Victorian Period Drama Classic written by Henrik Ibsen to be directed and produced by my friend Matthew John. Matthew is one of the best up and coming movie directors/producers and this version promises to be top notch! ‘Hedda Gabler’ is a classic of realism, nineteenth century play writing, considered one of the world’s greatest dramas. The character of ‘Hedda’ is considered by many critics to be the "female Hamlet," portrayed as an idealistic heroine fighting society, a victim of circumstance, a prototypical feminist, or a manipulative villain. Even though there have been previous versions of the drama, this is the first time it has been shot with the latest production values, such as HD and high quality audio. The 2012 UK production is being shot in the South West of England. The production also makes use of a specially commissioned new translation from the Danish original into contemporary English. Filming of the movie takes place at the Maunsel House, Taunton, Somerset United Kingdom. Take a look at the Maunsel House and how impressive it is inside and out, truly an amazing place to film this movie.

Check out the Official Site for Additional Information that includes cast and crew members, photos of the Maunsel House inside and out, costumes and jewelry, contacts which include the PR Team / updated press & news / past events along with a gallery and blog that are coming soon: 

 Thanks again to Matthew John and everybody involved with this production for making me part of this incredibly talented PR Team:



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