Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thank You John Willimott by John Quinlan

Thanks to my friend John Willimott for the kind words about me, much appreciated:

"I met John at The Rack. He was helping me to design a workout program for me, as I needed to keep in shape for hockey. He was so polite and knowledgeable, that he has remained a close friend, ever since. His dedication to fitness is without question...complete." – John Willimott, Las Vegas Casino TG Executive
I did in fact meet my friend John Willimott while I was working the Rack Boston as a doorman back in the day while I was involved with professional wrestling. I am honored for the friendship Big John! I remember going to purchase some wrestling gear and John sent me 2 checks in the mail to help me buy all the stuff on his own! That really was something!!!!!! Never forget that Big John, always my friend. 
God Bless

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