Friday, October 4, 2013

A Heartfelt Message of Appreciation by John Quinlan


I would just like to take a quick minute to thank all the people who have supported me throughout 2013. There were many times when I almost quit and gave up but so many of you with kind words and love didn’t let me. There were times when I was really down and you picked me up & motivated me to press on. Throughout the majority of this year I dealt with my fair share of personal problems and I did my best to tune them out and just focus on the goals at hand that were successful. To all the romance writers and authors around the globe, thank you for billing me as ‘The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in The World’ it is very special to me and an honor to be labeled as such. All of the writers have been so nice to me and I am actually taken back by all of it….just amazing! Winning the NPC Vermont Overall Men’s Physique this past April had so much personal meaning as I dedicated the win to my grandfather who was like my real dad who passed away one month prior and yes I cried on camera talking about it but it was one of the greatest feelings to be able to follow through with what I promised him. I have so much respect for the NPC and the people who put these great shows together like Bev Francis and Mike Feulner as it’s people like this that gave John Quinlan a 2nd chance in life when I had no sense of direction. I truly feel born again as an NPC athlete. Being accepted as a brother by all the male cover models at the Romantic Times convention in Kansas City this past May was a real highlight for me. Right from the very start I was family and being a featured cover guy there with the rest is something I will always be proud of. To the great Jillian Bullock, thank you for believing in John Quinlan. Thank you for selecting me to star in your 2014 movie, ‘A Sense of Purpose Fighting for Our Lives.’ There were so many great guys to choose from and you took me and I won’t let you down. With the addition of actor Chris Mann, who is best known for his role as Councilman Anthony Gray on HBO's ‘The Wire’, being signed on as well as an actor and producer of this movie it is really shaping up to be something special. I am competing tomorrow at the NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix in the Men’s Physique Open & Master’s class. Guys, I made it here in one piece….despite many obstacles and a flu like virus this past week that knocked me on my ass we made it. There is one thing I can promise about tomorrow, I will do my best. Win, lose or draw I gave it hell and in my heart I can live with that. Thank you again for everything, it all means so much to me!

God Bless,

- John

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