Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Sincerely Apologize to the NPC for Being Careless and Irresponsible by John Quinlan

I Sincerely Apologize to the NPC for Being Careless and Irresponsible

I sincerely apologize to the entire NPC for being careless and irresponsible at the Brooklyn Grand Prix this past Saturday October 5th. I was in the Men's Physique Open and Master's class and I had stepped outside the back of the venue for a few moments with many of the other competitors and I didn't hear my number called when the Master's Physique was starting. I had just finished talking with bodybuilder Quesi Beaton when one of the guys came out and said one of the physique classes was starting. Careless because I just assumed the open physique was before the masters and I was class B so I just assumed class A was the one out there and I would come in then. Lesson learned to NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING! I always check the list on the wall and know the correct order, careless because I trained hard for 12 weeks, careless because I have too much respect for the NPC, irresponsible because I know better and just plain stupid because so many people believed in me and I let them down because of my own negligence. When I finally did make it to the stage my lineup of guys in the Master’s Physique were already out there. I got out there so late and I never make mistakes like that. I did apologize to a few members of the judging panel during the show. I have to much respect for the NPC to make any excuses.  I apologize to the NPC coordinators, the judges and the entire organization for my lack of professionalism. I am truly sorry. There will be more shows in the future and I appreciate Amy Puglise for being so nice when I contacted her about it. You are right when you asked me from this point on will I ever make this mistake again. Lesson learned it will never happen again. 

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