Thursday, July 12, 2012

Great People & Great Shows…..My True Opinion About The NPC by John Quinlan

I know I have said these same things I am about to write at this moment before and in a previous post but I just wanted to thank the NPC for making the 2012 Team Universe Weekend 2 great shows one more time. Oh, and before I forget, I would like to personally thank David Lees who competed at the Team Universe Men’s Physique. I was hanging out with Dave and a few of his friends who run a forum on Muscular Development before we hit the stage for the finals. David Lees is a true professional with a great attitude, very humble and respectful. Strong with great musculature….a great physique! Congrats Dave to you and your wife on expecting your baby girl in October. May God watch over you and your family always. I really enjoyed competing in the Men's Physique Class B this past weekend in Teaneck, New Jersey, I gave it my best and I have much respect for everybody involved. All the classes had some of the best physique's....these guys are all warriors and I have 100% respect for each and every one of my fellow competitors. I had the honor of meeting Bev Francis at the Team Universe as well, what a very nice lady! Her husband Steve Weinberger was a very classy guy as well, I thank both of them for being so kind to me. I also spoke briefly with Jose Raymond, great guy. The true definition of what a champion bodybuilder should look like. It was funny because as kids I grew up in Melrose, Massachusetts and Jose was in the next town over in Wakefield. I told Jose I remembered playing baseball against him in an all-star game when we were 14 years old and he thought it was funny when I told him that when the announcer said……”now batting, Jose Raymond”….Jose was pinch hitting, my entire team on the bench had the look of fear, ha ha ha! Even the toughest guys on my team looked scared. Yeah, Jose was even gifted as an athlete at this age. I have never seen a kid with genetics that impressive, I knew he was destined for greatness and I was right. Best of luck at the Olympia Jose! And of course I have to give credit where credit is due to the Biggest Dog, Big Mike Feulner. Mike, you will always be the man and thanks for the kind words you had for me. I respect everything you do my friend! Great job at these shows, I would do them until I was 100 years old if I could. For all the love & respect I have for this industry and all the people in it. The thrill of competing knowing you would be there running the show would keep me coming back bro. Thanks Again! The photo below of me was taken during the finals on Saturday night, what a great atmosphere! God Bless

A couple days ago, the Tuesday after the show (July 10th) my back felt broken, I had a migraine headache. I feel thin and more tired than usual. I haven't had any junk food since New Year’s Eve. I have 2 more NPC Physique shows in July before I take time to be with my little children, be dad again. I feel like the boxer that is just trying to make it through the 12th round without getting knocked out. Stay focused and don't give up is what I say to myself over and over lately. July 20-21st, I am competing in the NPC Master Physique 35-40 years old in Pittsburgh. The show is being run by a gentleman named Gary Udit, I don’t personally know him but from what I have read about him he is a man that I respect very much. I have competed against mainly younger guys in their 20’s in all of the previous shows, some of which based on age could even be my son which is really something when I think about it seeing as I turn 38 years old in October. I read there are going to be 3 classes at this show for Master Physique 35-40: Up to 5’10”, 5’10” to 6’0 and 6’0 and up. I am 5’9” so it looks like I will be in the first class. I was told the winner of his class at this show gets his pro card. For what it's worth if this broken down guy who tries to show as much heart as he can could win first place in his Master’s class and earn his pro card I would probably drop to the floor and cry. A would really be the "icing on the cake" after over 2 decades of training, running in snow storms and for those who really know me eating the same damn thing day in and day out without giving up. This is why I respect the sport of bodybuilding along with fitness, physique and athletics because of dedication. The NPC bodybuilders inspire a Physique competitor like me, being surrounded by these champions makes me a better person. To win my class at the NPC Masters Physique on July 20-21st in Pittsburgh would be the dream. I would be the most appreciative damn champion there ever was! May God watch over me & my fellow competitors and keep everybody safe. Thank you again everybody for making my NPC experience this year truly amazing! God Bless

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