Friday, April 26, 2013

John Quinlan - Official Athletic Xtreme Athlete Special Thanks @ 1 Day Out April 2013

This video update was filmed the day before my first show of 2013, the NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships on April 27th Men's Physique Division. As an Official Athletic Xtreme Sponsored Athlete I will be representing TEAM AX. In this video I just wanted to say thank you to the writers, authors along with a few other special people for all the support and kindness. If I were to sit here and name everybody I would be writing for the next several days as there are 1,000’s so here are a few off the top of my head…writers Vicki Stewart, Leanna Harrow, Taabia Dupree, Eden Connor, Jamallah Bergman, Nicole Kuhn, Julie Cooper Barber, Debra Anastasia and C.M Wright just to name a few. I appreciate the love you have shown me so much!  PR guys Jeromme Graham and Patric Santos much respect always for the hard work and support of me. I always speak very highly of you both which is well deserved. Big Mike Feulner, one of the greatest fitness and bodybuilding promoters in the world…..I thank you for giving me the opportunity to compete on stage in your amazing shows. 100% respect for you always and for every competitor that steps on stage for their hard work and dedication. Larry Cuzzi, you will always be the man and I am forever grateful to you! Without your support and help along the way I could not have gotten here!   

This video footage was taped on April 26, 2013

God Bless


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