Thursday, April 25, 2013

Representin’ Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company at the 2013 NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships by John Quinlan

Here are the 4 professional shots representin’ Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company. I let Brandon know about them and they have all been forwarded to the design team. My goal was to get a few photos together to do my part is giving back to this company that believed in me and to do them justice in the process. I just want to say again what an honor it has been being selected as an Official Sponsored Athlete with this great company and all its amazing athletes. I am competing in just 2 days at the NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships Men’s Physique Division and being able to be representative of Athletic Xtreme for it is quite special. I do have some emotional ties with this show as it is exactly 1 month to the day my grandfather (who was like my father) passed away. I was at his bedside when God called him home. I am going to this show with one of my best friends who is a Boston Police Officer and one of the guys who was involved in battles last week with the Boston Marathon bombers. Lots of motivation and inspiration here which makes for a memorable and an emotional day for me if all goes well. 

Thanks so much everybody and God Bless

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