Sunday, April 14, 2013

Message from My Friend Jeffrey F Piscioniere - "Wishing You The Absolute Best of Luck at Your Upcoming Competition" by John Quinlan

I would like to take a moment to put up this nice post my friend Jeffrey F Piscioniere had to say about me yesterday. An amazing friend, parent and human being! I am truly blessed to have met so many great people throughout the years that have shown me such love and support. My appreciation can't be put into words as I would be typing here all day. So to all the great people like Jeff I want to say thank you! I will forever be grateful for all of your kindness! God Bless

Here is what he said:

“Would like to wish my friend John Quinlan the absolute best of luck on his upcoming competition at the NPC Vermont Championships. John took the time to remember and mention me on a very long list of those present and past who helped inspire him. I am extremely honored to be included. I know first hand how difficult it is to train and maintain an incredible level of conditioning at the age of 20. I can only imagine the hard work and determination it takes nearly 20 years later!!! His efforts are inspirational and motivating! Will always remember the Springfield College days my friend!”

This film was taken about a couple of days ago @ 2 weeks out from my first show of 2013, the 2013 NPC Vermont Championships April 27th Men's Physique. In this video I am representing Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company of Tempe, Arizona. I am honored to have been selected as an Athletic Xtreme Official Sponsored Athlete & Image Model for 2012 - 2013. I would like to personally thank the entire Athletic Xtreme family for all the love and support they have shown me especially last week when my grandfather passed away who was like my father. I really feel his death has fueled my training and to win my class at this show and dedicate it to him would be the greatest emotional high! I would also like to thank the man behind the camera as well, Big Nick Ward. He is not only one of the strongest guys I know, but one of the nicest human beings there is. Thanks for everything my friend! Special shout out to one of the best guys in my life Larry Cuzzi. Thank you Larry for being there, your help & keeping me focused and motivated. The one thing John Quinlan WILL PROMISE to everyone is that he will try his best, no regrets!

God Bless

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