Friday, June 29, 2012

The Discussion I Had With a Friend Yesterday by John Quinlan

Yesterday I had a nice conversation with a friend of mine. We talked about everything from my family to my training for my upcoming competitions. One of the things she said to me really hit home and I appreciated her saying this....she said, "John, I really wish you well in your upcoming contests in July. Not only am I speaking for myself but for the many people I have been talking with about you. We all agree you are the kind of person we all want to see do well because you are a good person with a big heart and one who is respectful of others WITHOUT an ego." Thank you Heather, I really appreciated your kind words and was humbled by the way others feel about me. I will certainly do my best, I will give it my all for sure :) She then asked me another question, "So what are you gonna do if you win any of these shows?" I have to be honest here everybody, I am just happy to be going to these amazing events. I am not a flashy guy and I try not to bring unwanted attention to myself. Being part of these 3 amazing upcoming contests is really something in itself. The 3 competitions I will be competing in are: Men's Physique Division for NPC Team Universe in New Jersey (July 6-7), NPC Master's Men's Physique in Pittsburgh (July 20-21) and the NPC USA's Men's Physique in Las Vegas (July 27-28). So here is the answer (summed up) that I gave her.....

"Heather, when I look at these 3 shows I will be competing in the first thing I have to say is what amazing company to be in. The talent at all 3 is quite remarkable. Being my age what it is I have the mind set to have so much appreciation for all of those in the NPC who put these amazing events together. For all their time and efforts that they put into these shows to make them all so successful is something to be so very thankful for. If it weren't for people in the NPC like Bev Francis and Big Mike Feulner, just to name a few, all of us athletes wouldn't have these great platforms to showcase out talents. It has been an honor competing with the NPC this year; I have 100% for everybody in this amazing organization across the board: every athlete that steps on stage for their efforts and dedication, my fellow Physique competitors and all the judges. Everybody in the NPC has always been so very nice to me that win, lose or draw the entire experience has been top notch. If I really have to analyze these 3 contests, the first, Team Universe....I am just happy to be part of it with so many great Men's Physique competitors. I will try my best to make it respectable :) My friend Anton Antipov has been winning like crazy so maybe he will give me a few pieces of advice that I am more than willing to listen to (this is an ego free zone my friends, I leave that at the door but I never had one anyway but you all get the point). The last show, the NPC USA's Men's Physique Division, they tell me it consists of the 1st and 2nd place finishers only in each Men's Physique contest only. I placed 1st in the NPC Rhode Island Men's Physique (under 5'10" Division) real height is 5'9" so I qualified for this show. I never thought I would be going to this show. Hell, I will take the 1st place finish and run before somebody steals it from me, ha ha ha! Just being on stage at the Men's Physique USA's is a victory for me my friends, what amazing company to be in there. So to sum up the USA's, just going is something to be proud of and I will do my best to make it as respectable as I can Heather. I touched upon the 1st and last show before the 2nd one as my goals for these 2 are basically the same...make it respectable. Now the 2nd show, the NPC Physique Masters in Pittsburgh. It is being put on as I am told by a guy named Gary Udit. I have never had the privilege of meeting hum but from what I have read about him I would be honored. Definitely a man who has my 100% respect. Seems like a great show, Master's Men's Physique Division 35-40 years old. Heather, I might actually have a good chance at placing in this one. That would be something! She was giving me that look kind of grinning at me and I knew what she was thinking. Yeah, ok, me....1st place? Girl, if I won 1st place in this division I would probably hit the floor and need to be carted off the stage on a stretcher then when I came too pinch me and say it's not a dream. You get my point, I would be the most honored winner in the history of the sport! I will do my best Heather and I can live with that."

Much Love & Respect :)

God Bless


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