Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011-2012 New England Patriots by John Quinlan

Congrats to the New England Patriots for going to the Super Bowl this year. This was especially true for Patriots owner Bob Kraft who lost his wife Myra on July 20, 2011. We all know what an amazing and generous woman Myra Kraft was and all the players loved her.

More on Myra Kraft Here

I am so very happy for Bob Kraft and his entire family. The Patriots have kept the Kraft's and Myra's spirit close to their hearts throughout the season and this past week's victory over the Baltimore Raven's which put them in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants was dedication to Mrs. Kraft.

Brian Fox did an incredible job designing the inspirational painting about Mrs. Kraft!

God Bless the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday, win this one for Myra Kraft!

God Bless

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