Friday, January 27, 2012


"John was a pleasure to work with, punctual and enthusiastic, gave us some great images to work with. The ideal underwear model!"

Ben Warman, Owner, Smuggling Duds

"John is a man of high standards and work ethics. From pro wrestler to fitness competitor and model, he works hard! He is conscious about keeping in shape and to always come in looking great! You will be happy working with John. Very personable with others. I do not hesitate at all in recommending him."

Doug Jantz, Professional Photographer

"When someone is truly passionate about what they do it shows, especially in John's case. His body is his temple and he works hard to stay in top shape. He's able to display a multitude of emotions which makes him such a great model. If you are interested in a fitness shoot, John is a perfect fit."

Christopher Correia, Owner, CJC Photography

"John is a dedicated model who works extremely hard to be at his best. His determination supersedes anyone I've worked with in a very long time. He brings emotion and deep meaning to all pictures I've seen. I will definitely use John for one, if not many, covers throughout my writing career."

Lacie Nation, Author/Proofreader, Secret Cravings Publishing

"John is not only an amazing model but a true professional and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with him!"

Mark Edward, Photographer & Director, Model

"John is an amazingly dedicated bodybuilder/model. His physique speaks of his focus and perseverance. I cannot over-recommend him as an individual and as a business associate!"

Diane Kirkland,  President/Designer, DMK Designs, Inc.

"John has an incredible physique, takes his work seriously and is a role model to all. He is professional and is an asset to his industry. I admire someone who goes the extra mile to be not just ordinary but EXTRAORDINARY and that is John in one simple word. Highly recommended. I am dying to do an interview live on air with John for my radio show."

Gizelle Loots, Owner, N&P Investments & Radio DJ at Mutha FM

"John Quinlan continues to grow in his career and I am not surprised at all. John is an amazing person on so many levels, his personal life as well as his career. He is the hardest working model that I know. He is a perfectionist with his photos and he cares about his look. He is very hands on with the way he is presented to his fans and the public. He sets a great example for up and coming models."

Claudia Reid, Writer for The New York Examiner

"I highly recommend John Quinlan. He has a unique and well sought out look, appearance and charm that make him stand out above the rest. I know John will be a great asset to your company's team or the next sports modeling adventure he endeavors."

Melody Jackson, Fitness Model, Fitness With Love

"I've known John for 10 years. He modeled for me in my illustration work with several book cover art projects. I couldn't have asked for a more professional and accessible collaborator in the creation of my work. He possesses a calmness and strong focus that I truly valued in the work we did together. Any questions, feel free to contact me."

Brian Dow, Owner, Brian Dow Studio

"John has a fantastic physique and a great friendly attitude."

Adam Livermore, Post Production Assistant

"John is a very dedicated, detailed worker who I highly recommend. He has an impressive resume. He would be a great assett to your company."

Gia Lee, Model 

"John is a dedicated model, he takes great pride in his fitness routine and has a long impressive resume. He has helped me with advice and leading me in the right direction with my modeling career. I highly recommend him."

Gia, Glamour Model

"John was kind enough to contact SWEAT in 2011 and offer his services as a model. John did an amazing job showcasing our brand, he has what it takes to make it far in any fitness related career he pursues. I highly recommend John to anyone that is considering working with him."

Tal Thompson, Owner, SWEAT Collection

"John is a very dedicated and highly motivated model. He keeps his body in tip-top shape years round. Not to mention his impressive resume. Contact John for a modeling job. You will be glad you did!"

Gia Lee, Glamour Model 

God Bless

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