Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Romance Novel Cover Model Stock Images Just In by John Quinlan

Hello everybody, just a couple quick updates for you on this Sunday morning. Below are a few photos I just received. The first is with my good friend Michael Fauci who is the God of nutrition. Anytime I ever have any questions about my diet I always go to Mike and he has all the answers and he is one of the nicest people I have ever known so a big thanks to Mike Fauci for always being so cool. I appreciate all the support Big Mike, 100% respect for you always my friend!

And yes, as I said before I have not only been doing gym shoots but I have also been doing Romance Novel Cover modeling. I know, at first I was like….”are you kidding me” but I as finally talked into it after quite some time and it’s all good. You are all correct as I am comfortable with my sexuality for some of these images, ha ha ha! Hey, eventually if these cover stock images land on the front of a big romance novel best seller by a big-time writer it would be quite the honor. But as a few of the people handling all my stuff have told me it’s good to be well rounded, one day I am doing more of a hard core gym shoot and the next I am doing more of a soft themed romance novel cover shoot. They have said it makes me a better model to be able to do a wide variety of genres rather than just one. Thanks for all the love and support everybody, means a lot! Any romance writer / author out there that is interested in using one of my cover model stock images for their next book cover please go to my gallery of book cover stock images by clicking on this direct link:

God Bless

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