Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thank You Frank Shamrock by John Quinlan

I have always wanted to get one last tattoo for quite some time. Being Irish, I am proud of my heritage and wanted something to show this. Something simple and sharp. For the longest time I have wanted to get a shamrock tattoo but every one that I saw really didn’t do anything for me and they all looked kind of plain. Then, last week, while looking I finally found the one I wanted. It was perfect, a shamrock with a tribal look to it. Well, when I read up a bit on this specific shamrock symbol I hit a bit of a snag. I had no idea that it was an official logo. Not only that, but I found out it was the official logo of former Mixed Martial Arts fighter Frank Shamrock. Shamrock is the adopted brother of former UFC champion Ken Shamrock and the logo also represents his school, Shamrock Martial Arts Academy. I have always had 100% respect for every MMA athlete in the world and Frank Shamrock is right at the top of the list. When he finally walked away from professional fighting he retired as the four-time defending undefeated UFC Middleweight Champion in which he was the #1 ranked pound for pound fighter in the world. With that being said, I knew what the right thing to do was. Contact Frank Shamrock for his approval. Frank got right back to me and said he would be honored and to send him a photo of the tattoo. Awesome guy! I would like to personally thank Frank Shamrock for being so nice to John Quinlan. Frank, just as you said you would be honored for me to get this tattoo, I am honored to call you my friend. God Bless You always! With that being said, this tribal shamrock tattoo that I got on April 20th of 2012 makes the 14th and final tattoo for me. This tribal shamrock was done by tattoo artist Brad Coleman of Drastic Tattoo & Body Piercing in Peabody, Massachusetts. All of my tattoos have an oriental and Irish tribal theme that I am very happy with. In the end, my tattoos are part of me as each one has meaning and tells a special story.

Here is my 14th and last tattoo that I spoke of above on my right ring finger

Here I am with tattoo artist Brad Coleman who did the tattoo at Drastic Tattoo & Body Piercing in Peabody, Massachusetts. Thanks Brad, you are an amazing artist and I appreciate you being so cool!

Just to finish off this post I thought I would add in again the video from yesterday one more time added to YouTube by the Big Dog of me to measure my body progress after I just finished my training session in the gym. This video is of me with 2 weeks to go until my first show of the year. I briefly discuss how I feel to this point in time and give a couple general updates.

God Bless

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