Monday, April 16, 2012

Thanks To Jillian Bullock & 3 Weeks Out Update by John Quinlan

I would like to personally thank Jillian Bullock for the amazing article she put together with me on Here is the direct link to read this article:

I am really honored by this as the title of the article is, "How To Look Like a MMA Fighter"

Very cool Jillian, you are an amazing person, great work!

The 2nd thing I wanted to update everybody on is I am 3 weeks out today from my first NPC Physique contest of 2012. Today, a quick progress video was filmed just a quick measure of where my body is to this point. I feel ok and I don't have any injuries so I thank God for that. I thank God every night for watching over me. Here is the direct link to this video clip uploaded to YouTube by The Big Dog just a few hours ago:

God Bless

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