Monday, February 27, 2012

My Opinion of Michael Irvin by John Quinlan

I have always been a huge fan of Hall of Fame football player Michael Irvin. The other night was the first time I actually sat down and watched his Hall of Fame Induction speech. What an incredible speech Irvin gave. He thanked everybody from his mother, his father (who is no longer with us) and God above to Jerry Jones, all the Dallas Cowboys fans and his former teammates. I have always respected Irvin as an athlete but it was at the end of his Hall of Fame speech when I respected Michael Irvin the man. It starts at 21:40 into the video below:

He asks his 2 sons in the audience to stand up and he says....."that's my heart right there." He then admits he has had struggles and made some bad decisions and asks God not to let him "screw this up." He asks God to help him raise them for a young lady so they can be a better husband than I, help me raise them for their kids so they can be a better father than I and to always do the right thing so you can be a better role model than dad. He goes on to mention the Hall of Fame class the year before and how the late great Reggie White was represented by his wife Sarah White and he said....."that is what a hall of famer is, certainly I am not that." He told his 2 sons to do it like they did it. He said he wanted to stand in front of his 2 boys and tell them to do it like dad like any dad would have wanted to. In closing he states to tell anybody that has ever wanted to give up and look up, get up and never give up. It takes a real man to do what Michael Irvin did that night, great of the best ever!

God Bless


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