Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Current Training by John Quinlan

I am back training again and I must say so far so good. It has been a real learning experience for me this time around. The past couple years were a bit rough, my diet was off and I was injured very badly. This time I feel I have learned from my past mistakes and I WILL avoid injuries. For the past month my training and diet have been the best since my days as a pro wrestler. It is nice that I am getting back to that point again. There have been a lot of distractions along the way but I am mentally sound and now able to focus on my goals and being positive 24-7. I am looking forward to 4 upcoming Physique competitions, 2 in May and 2 in June. My main goal for anybody that sees me is when they leave they can say, "John Quinlan looked good, he made it respectable." I am just honored to be on the same stage as all of these great athletes and when I say "make it respectable" I mean just that, show the judges and the people in the audience that I did my homework and worked hard. Where I place is out of my hands but to me, I worked hard to get there through good consistent diet and exercise and that is the best I can do. What I do want to say right now is how much respect I have for all the judges and my fellow competitors. All of the competitors.....male and female bodybuilders, fitness girls and physique competitors at these shows work very hard through perseverance and discipline and stepping on stage makes each and every one of them a winner in the game of life. Thus far my diet has been very good, keeping a close eye on my carbohydrate and sodium intake (my biggest mistake over the past few years). Last year was tough as I tore my hamstring and groin a month before a show which resulted in not being able to do ANY cardio for that last month which is crucial and my overall diet was a bit off as my sodium intake was much to high. I kick myself because I know better, basically foolish mistakes that I WILL NOT make this time around. I do want to apologize to some people (you know who you are) as I feel I let you down. I was not discipline enough last time around and it showed so another goal I have is to win those people back this time. I represent the blue collar Boston Irish :)

God Bless

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