Monday, February 6, 2012

Wes Welker Will Always Be The Man by John Quinlan

As a huge Patriots fan I was rooting big time for them to pull off a victory at Super Bowl 46 against the Giants. It didn't happen as they came up short 21-17. A lot of the talk was about some of the missed plays of the game on the part of the Patriots, especially Wes Welker's dropped ball. Here is a great article to read and it shows what a polite and humble guy Wes Welker is:

Wes Welker is one of the greatest wide receivers the game of football has ever known. The pressure in that situation was at an all-time high.....playing in the biggest game of the season in front of thousands of screaming fans analyzing your every move along with millions watching you all over the world, stuff happens. Welker mentioned it was a play he has made a thousand times that he never drops and always makes. He also noted it was the most critical situation and he let the team down. Personally I have to say.....Wes, if it wasn't for your amazing play during the regular season the Patriots probably wouldn't even be in the Super Bowl. Because of you, year in and year out New England has excelled. Don't beat yourself up man, it's one play! You will always be the man! One of the greatest ever! Tom Brady commented as well saying,"I'll keep throwing the ball to him for as long as I possibly can.....I love that guy." I respect Wes Welker as a person and an athlete. I admire him also for his attitude, he never makes excuses or blames other people. Players on both sides of the ball played competitively which made this a great battle. Each and every player gave it 100% to the very end. Hey Wes Welker, you are not known as one of the best receivers to have ever played this game for nothing, you earned that through hard work, consistency and putting up incredible will always be the man! 

God Bless

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