Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today's training session was decent. I was a bit tired as I think the photo shoot I had last Friday is still wearing on me a bit but other than that all is good. Still injury free and I feel ok. The quality of the film isn't that good but I tried again today (usually once a week) to measure my body progress a bit as I am about 5 weeks out from my first show of 2012. Below is the direct link to watch the video clip:

Here is what the Big Dog had to say when he uploaded this video about the discussion we had earlier,

"John told me this year will be different than last year. Last year he tore his entire right hamstring almost off the bone while at the same time tearing his groin as well. As he got closer to show time he said he was unable to do any sufficient cardio work because he couldn’t walk. He also said there were many abdominal exercises he couldn’t perform properly because of these injuries. So far he has said he is injury free and feels very good. He said the injuries are 100% healed. John told me there were people out there that criticized his abs last year but it was because of the fact he was injured and being as injured as he was and not being able to do virtually any cardio and proper ab exercises severely affected his abdominal development. This video was filmed in the gym in March of 2012 about 5 weeks out from his first show of the year. John says checking his abdominal development about once a week when getting ready for a show is a great way to measure his overall body progress."

- The Big Dog

God Bless

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