Saturday, March 24, 2012

Training Progress Photos & Updates by John Quinlan

Just wanted to update everybody this morning. So far my training is going well and I haven't felt any of the injuries from the past to this point which is wonderful, I thank God for that! I did have my first photo shoot of the year yesterday and it went well. I will touch more upon that next time but for those of you that I am sending photos assure the photos have been taken it's just a matter of the photographer processing them and sending them to me. She is very busy so it may take a but longer but the important thing is they have been taken. So below are a few progress photos thus far with several weeks until my first show, also below are a couple direct links to a couple YouTube videos of me just added by the Big Dog so much appreciation to you my friend!

Thank You Everybody For All The Love & Support,

God Bless!

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