Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Brand Ambassador For Nutrabolics Supplement Company by John Quinlan

I would like to personally thank Rachel Killam of Nutrabolics Supplement Company for welcoming me last night as an Official 2012 Brand Ambassador. This is a real honor! Nutrabolics is an amazing supplement company with great products that are tops in the industry. Check out the Nutrabolics Official Site below:

I have been training for a few upcoming Physique competitions that I have in May and June. What is really helping me burn extra fat is ThermalXTC from Nutrabolics. If you are serious about shedding fat than you should try ThermalXTC:

Being injured the last 2 years really affected my training, but now I am 100% injury free and training is going well. Tearing my hamstring almost off the bone last year prohibited me from doing the cardio and exercises I needed to get that six-pack I used to have. I was stuck in bed for a week straight not being able to walk and for additional 3 weeks later I was only 50%. My abs took a beating because of it but now I am focused and injury free.....back doing the proper cardio and taking ThermalXTC from Nutrabolics and with several weeks until my first show I can already see a difference. I took this progress photo yesterday (just a basic snap shot) to measure my weekly progress:


Again, a special thanks to Rachel Killam of Nutrabolics for making me a 2012 Official Ambassador. I will do my best and try to be consistent!

God Bless

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