Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Interview With Claidia Reid & Videos by John Quinlan

Just wanted to post these updates from today. First of all thanks to the Big Dog for uploading 2 video clips of me to YouTube today from this morning in the gym. The first video I personally thank Claudia Reid of New York (writer and radio host) for all the love and support:

The second video is just a clip doing some basic front lat raises with dumbells:

I was also on the radio tonight talking with Claudia Reid about the Migraine Headache. This has been problematic for me over the years and talking about was great to let people know what it is like to go through these episodes. I also talk about a few other things going on currently with me. The interview is a little longer than a half hour and if you would like to listen here is the direct link:

Lastly I would like to personally thank Big Frank Budelewski for the kind words and being so nice to me! Thanks my friend, 100% respect for you always!!!!!!

God Bless


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