Monday, March 5, 2012

Mistakes of 2011 Being Corrected In 2012 by John Quinlan

Hey my friend, when I was talking with you earlier this week.....this is what I meant. When I said last year I was off I meant that my diet WAS NOT proper. I was careless at times and that is not like me. My pre-contest diet has been re-structured and I feel good right now and won't make the same mistakes again. So here is what I was saying, look at the 2 photos below from 2011, they were progress photos. The quality isn't that good but they will prove my point after you view them:

So here is the point I am getting at now, if you look at the first photo above, the relaxed pose, my abs are not even visible. People said you looked solid but without abs it is kinda worthless. In the progress photo below it hitting the abs pose, abs look OK but if you look right in the center of the abs they aren't there either. Now granted these images were taken after my torn hamstring and groin so I wasn't able to walk for a week and my cardio suffered a ton but my diet was off as well. When you combine the diet being off and no cardio what was I to expect now that I look back on this.  I have about 2 months until my first NPC physique competition and my diet has been cleaned up and I have done a good job sticking to it......much different than last time so I expect my results to be much better hopefully. Below is the first progress photo of 2012 and it was taken about 9 weeks out from the first show.

From looking at this years first progress shot of 2012 one can already see the abs forming which didn't happen last year. I have been working hard and learning from my past mistakes. They have been corrected so I am just going to stay positive and try to be consistent with this diet and keep my training smart so I remain injury free. Below are a couple videos from last year, the first is some mirror posing and you can clearly see my abs were not looking as good as they could have, but I look at it in a positive light.....since I have seen this I am aware of what I need to work on this time around. Just learn from our mistakes my friends and this applies to everything in life. The second video below that is an on stage competition clip.


God Bless


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